Cash-out on EnergyBet

Withdraw faster and safer

The new Cash-out option was created to provide you the possibility to cash out your money before a game is over. Choose your bet and use the early Cash-out option!

When can I use the Cash-out option?


Bet on single or combi coupon

On prematches and LIVE betting. We give you an opportunity to have more control of your bets. You can use the Cash-out any time before the event market is closed.

You can't have any lost bet on your coupon

And all of open events form your coupon need to be available on Energybet’s offer.

How to perform Cash-out?

Step 1

Launch the Energybet app and you will see the red "CASH-OUT" symbol under "MY BETS" section.

Step 2

While in "MY BETS" section, all bets with a Cash-Out option available will be marked with a special icon.

Step 3

To use Cash-out, you need to open the bet with Cash-out option available and click "PAY OUT" button.

Step 1

If you see the red "CASH-OUT" symbol right next to "MY BETS" tab, it means that a Cash-out is available for your bet/bets.

Step 2

You can also check which of your bets has a Cash-out option available in "MY BETS" section.

Step 3

To use Cash-out, you need to open the bet with Cash-out option available and click "PAY OUT" button.


Bet on single or combi coupon

What is Cash-out?

A Cash-out allows you to withdraw before the final result of an event you have bet. If you changed your mind or you just want to decrease the risk, you don’t need to wait until your coupon is closed - you can request a payout at any time before that.

When can I use Cash-out?

You can cash out when you place a single or combi bet on LIVE betting or prematches. You can’t have any lost bet on your coupon. You can cash out when there is more than one open bet on your coupon as well. The Cash-out option is available for all kinds of bets, but to activate it a few requirements must be met.

When the Cash-out is active?

The Cash-out activity is dependent on many factors - mostly on the current odds visible on your coupon. If you see that a Cash-out option is inactive, try again in a few minutes - It might be active when odds are changed. If you have at least one bet with a Cash-out option available, you will see an icon on the top of the website, just below “My Bets” tab.

Cash-out and bonus bets. How does it work?

The Cash-out is not available for bonus bets.

What does determine the amount of the Cash-out payment?

The amount depends on current event odds.

I have “void” on my coupon. Can I still cash out?

Sure. Event with “void” will be ignored during calculation of your withdrawal with a Cash-out option.

Is the Cash-out option dependent on the stake on my coupon?

No. The Cash-out availability is not dependent on the stake amount. The minimal stake is equal to the minimal stake of others’ coupons, which is €0,50.


  1. Energy may offer that the Player uses the Cash-out option.
  2. Cash-out makes it possible to close an undecided bet and receive a payout earlier.
  3. The Player may have a possibility to close a bet before the conclusion of some of the events covered with the bet.
  4. After using the Cash-out option, the winning payout is calculated as a product of an individually determined ratio, the stake paid, and the odds proposed for that option at the moment.
  5. If as a result of the calculations stipulated in point 4, hereof the value of the win turns out to be lower than the stake paid, then Energy may offer a “Cash-out” option to the Player by way of returning the stake paid; and at the same time Energy may charge a fee in the agreed amount, e.g. 15% of the stake paid. Energy shall proceed with such a return of the stake only after the Player accepts the terms and conditions of the “Cash-out” service offered by Energy.
  6. The Player shall have the possibility to obtain information about the offered “Cash-out” sum on
  7. Cash-out may be available for “Live” bets as well as other bets offered by Energy.
  8. The Player does not have to use the Cash-out option. Such a possibility has to be supported and finally approved by Energy.
  9. The Cash-out functionality is subject to availability and may be suspended in certain circumstances. This can occur in instances such as, but not limited to; Bet type, technical interruption and changes to event line-ups and schedules.
  10. Energy may withdraw the settlement of a bet in the Cash-out option if the bet has been settled as a result of an obvious error of Energy, or a mistaken result of the event. In such a case, the bet will be settled like any other bet with no Cash-out. Exceptions include a situation where the Player uses the option again after Energy has corrected the error, as long as the option is available.
  11. Should you find Enerygy’s cash-back outcome unsatisfactory, you can seek an alternate dispute arbitration, whose decision will be deemed final.
  12. General terms and conditions apply.
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